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Tip for January!


1.  Test your freeze protection sensors


Thank you for visiting our website. Below is an instructional video, I believe you will find it very useful. Please feel free to call me directly, Todd Gustafson – Owner, Cool Pool People, 214-724-4307 if your pool system is set-up differently from that which you see on the video. I would love to talk you through the differences on the phone or come out for a face to face meeting to help you.

Bonus Tips for January


2.  You should also open your inline chlorinator full blast (typically setting 5).


3.  Do NOT turn your heater ON to try and keep your pool warm during severe freezing temperatures.  It will actually crack and damage the metal heat exchanger inside your pool heater.  Flow and circulation alone are enough to keep your pool from freezing, again, do NOT turn your heater ON in an attempt to keep your pool water from freezing.


4.  Make sure your backwash line is empty.  If your have a DE style of filter or a Sand style of filter, then you will have a backwash line.  The backwash line either has an automatic valve or a manual valve that allows the stagnate water to drain.  Please drain that water out, so the pipe does not freeze.
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