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Hello! Thank you for your request for service.
Due to the “Unprecedented Extreme Weather Conditions” we are currently working hard  to service our current clients as soon as possible. 
If you submitted a request for monthly service. Please note:
We service our customers year round.
Due to the influx of inquiries, we are asking for a one-year commitment (paid in advance) from our “New” clients.
Our office manager will contact you as time permits (thank you for your patience) to come take a look at your pool and provide an estimate. 
If you submitted a request for repair or anything else related to improving your pool, please know that we have added you to our schedule, but honestly we have no idea what the time-frame looks like as we will be working to service our current clients first. We would love to help you as time permits. If you would like to cancel this repair request, please email chancy@coolpoolpeople.com
FYI, our repair technician is charging a $125 service call plus repair costs. 
Thank you for your inquiry. It is our sincere hope we will be able to respond to you as soon as possible.